Speak through music

Born in Seremban, Malaysia on February 19th, 1988, Stephine Ng started to learn piano in the Yamaha music school at age of 4, and she performed her first recital the same year.   In 1994, Stephine Ng was introduced to one of the famous piano tutors in Malaysia, Ms. Tan Lee Ean. Since then, Ms. Tan became her piano teacher for more than 10 years. During the time, Stephine was encouraged to develop both the creativity and technical aspects of music. “She used to ask me to create melodies on the spot, that was my happiest time as i got to play from my heart – it is such an amazing process when you manage to transform your ideas into beautiful music.” After several years, Stephine Ng discovered it is music improvisation that is her passion.

Stephine Ng was one of the performers from the VOICES OF HANDS series concert which was held for 6 times between 2003 to 2015 in Malaysia. After obtaining a diploma certificate from Trinity college of music, London, Stephine Ng went to China for further study with a full scholarship. In 2011, she successfully held her solo piano recital in Gulangyu, Xiamen, China. The recital received great responses from the locals and it was reported in the local newspapers. From 2011 to 2016, tStephine Ng was invited to hold several piano improvisation recitals in Shanghai normal university, Xiamen university, Fuzhou normal university and Minjiang normal university. In March 21, 2014, Stephine Ng held the first ever piano solo improvisation recital in China. In the recital, she improvised both in solo and duet form with the motives given by the audience. Also, Stephine Ng performed two of her fusion jazz trio compositions, ‘ILLUMINATIONS’ and ‘TRILOGY’ in the concert. 

Being a piano tutor with more than 10 years of experience teaching in China,Malaysia,Singapore and the UK, Stephine Ng  likes to introduce different genres and styles of music to her students in order to inspire them.  “You can collect a lot of different ideas and motifs by learning different styles of music, it makes one feel more comfortable to try and improvise…”  Like her teacher Ms Tan, Stephine Ng always encourages her students to improvise, because she believes a successful pianist is the one who can speak through music, using the black and white keys on the piano. 


出生于1988年2月19日的Stephine Ng来自于马来西亚一座名为芙蓉的城市。自四岁起,她就开始在雅马哈音乐学校学习音乐并且于同年首次登上舞台。在1994年,Stephine Ng被引荐给活跃于马来西亚钢琴教育界的Ms Tan Lee Ean 老师并被其收入门下。之后的十余年Stephine Ng一直跟随Ms Tan学习钢琴,在这期间她的弹奏技术及创造力都得到很好的栽培。“有些时候老师会让我随机在钢琴上创作一些旋律,那是我最快乐的时候了,因为我可以听从自己内心的感受然后把它们变成美丽的音符,这是一个很奇妙的过程。” 直至长大之后,Stephine Ng才知道这个把当下的心情转化为音乐的过程称为音乐即兴。

Stephine Ng是马来西亚 Voices Of Hands 系列钢琴音乐会的其中一位演奏家,而这个系列音乐会在2003至2015年间共成功举办了六次。获得了英国三一音乐学院的钢琴演奏文凭之后,Stephine Ng以全额奖学金的资格远赴中国厦门深造。在2011年,她在厦门钢琴之岛鼓浪屿上的音乐厅举办了一场成功的钢琴独奏音乐会。这场音乐会获得了民众热烈的反响并且被当地报章《海峡日报》所报道。从2011年到2015年,Stephine Ng和另外一位即兴演奏家王葳先生多次被中国著名音乐教育家李未明教授邀请到上海师范大学、厦门大学、福州师范大学和闽江师范学院举行钢琴即兴演奏会。2014年的3月21日,Stephine Ng在厦门举办了一场前无史例的钢琴即兴独奏音乐会。在这场音乐会上,她采用了现场观众给出的命题及旋律动机进行独奏及四手连弹的即兴演奏。另外,她也在该次音乐会上首次发表了两部融合爵士风格三重奏的原创作品,分别名为《TRILOGY》和《ILLUMINATIONS》。

Stephine Ng 除了是一位演奏家,也是伦敦音乐学院的访问讲师及钢琴指导老师。为了启发她的学生们,Stephine Ng热衷于让学生们弹奏不同曲风及类型的作品。“ 掌握不同风格及时代的作品能够让你累积更多元化的音乐语汇及想法,这样便能够让你更勇于尝试进行即兴演奏……” Stephine Ng和她的钢琴老师一样常常鼓励她的学生们去尝试即兴,因为她认为一位真正的音乐家应该具有能够把自己当下的心中所想弹奏出来的能力。